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MMO Review – The Secret World

Better late than never! I have played TSW for about 2-3 months and have about 97% of the quests complete….SO I guess its fair to say I have a good feel for the game. If you look back a blog post or two – you will see me say this: “Also I have 2 games I am in closed beta testing for…One will be good….one I fear will fall on its face and not be what most were hoping for.” The game I feared wouldn’t fair well was The Secret World. I’m happy to say – I was WRONG.


Adventures Back into Second Life

I popped back into SL about 5 weeks ago after being gone for years. Not sure what got me to log in – but I did. Bought a new skin that I had a demo of sitting in my inventory from a year ago, and enticed Jokay to pop in with me and grab a new look for herself too. While we were there, I saw an unusually tall girl walk by and I, being my shy, anti-social self, sent her message saying that she looked rather good for her height, as many avatars I have seen in the past just looked so wrong. We chatted a bit and have kept in contact ever since. Her name is Sera and she is a fashion model in SL and doing quite well. (more…)

TERA – Beta week 1

Feb 10, 2012 was the first closed beta event for TERA. A new Action Combat MMO coming out on May 1, 2012. I’ve been waiting a while for this one because of the difference in combat styles from most AAA MMO titles out there that use tab targeting, hotbars and crappy AI mob packs. Now remember this is BETA – so things will change so please don’t judge the game from my first thoughts. Prepare for a long post and lots of pictures!

MMO Review – Star Wars: The Old Republic

Time to voice my opinion on the newest MMO – Star Wars: The Old Republic. I was not one of the people excited about this title. I’ve never been one to go nuts over anything Star Wars…so I was not part of the hype train for this game, but others in my gaming circle were, so I bought it a few days before the release. My current high character is a 38 Commando Trooper and I have a level 28 Shadow Consular and I have played all 8 classes to at least 10.

All in all, it is just another RPG MMO with leveling and killing stuff for quests. What makes it special is that every quest has full two-sided voice conversations, which adds something special. You see each other’s faces while talking and the characters have emotional facial expression and body movement for what they are saying and how they react to your answers. Each time you are required to respond, you pick from 3 answers, very similar to Dragon Age and Mass Effect. Some answers are funny, some serious, some mean…. The answer for most quests will not effect what quest you get or what you have to do but those answers will change how your companion feels towards you. Now and then there will be answers which effect your light or darkside reputation and some really will change the direction of the quest and your path through the game. I am enjoying being a blunt good guy…watch video below.

Game Review – Skyrim

Last week I took a week vacation to the land of Skyrim. I put in about 140 hours of game play over 9 days so if that doesn’t tell you it’s a good game, I will elaborate for you.

Quick rundown: The graphics are a bit better than Oblivion – very realistic. The framerate is great on the high setting but I do get hit with nasty lag after an hour to 3 hours of play. Not sure what triggers it but you need to restart the game to fix. I’m sure there will be a patch for this soon. The sounds are awesome, the music fits perfect, the world is HUGE, and the voice acting isn’t bad.