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Adventures Back into Second Life

I popped back into SL about 5 weeks ago after being gone for years. Not sure what got me to log in – but I did. Bought a new skin that I had a demo of sitting in my inventory from a year ago, and enticed Jokay to pop in with me and grab a new look for herself too. While we were there, I saw an unusually tall girl walk by and I, being my shy, anti-social self, sent her message saying that she looked rather good for her height, as many avatars I have seen in the past just looked so wrong. We chatted a bit and have kept in contact ever since. Her name is Sera and she is a fashion model in SL and doing quite well. (more…)

A Chance to Make Anything, and What Do We Make?!

Seems to be a trend going on with open sandbox worlds and what Jokay and I feel needs to be there. It appears a world is not complete without a TARDIS. Below you can see Jokay’s newest creation in Minecraft! It is quite large and I’m sure it will have a pool and a bar. You can read more about the server and it’s uses for education here – Massively Minecraft (more…)

Reminiscing: Ultima Online

Come along with me in the Way Back Machine and remember your good times playing – – – Ultima Online!

Ultima Online was my first Graphical MMO. I played MUDs and other games on bulletin boards but this was the first with graphics! Before all this, I played just about every Ultima game that came out, upgrading my computer just to play the next version.

Ultima Online was released back at the end of 1997.  I wanted to play it sooo badly, but I only had dial-up service, good ole AOL. I can’t quite remember if I did take the plunge and get it while I still had dial-up or if I got a more permanent connection, but in spring 2000, I bought it! WOOT! I joined with a friend that I played online spades with. We linked up with Net Meeting and ran through the tutorials. It was so cool!

Have you MINECRAFTED yet?

By now, most people have heard someone mention Minecraft or own it! If you haven’t looked at it by now….what are you waiting for?!?!

At first glance you will think – Wow, thats ugly…why would I want to play a game that looks like it was made 10 years ago? Which is kinda what I thought too. I like decent graphics in a game. But after your first hour or so in the game, the graphics don’t matter. (You can upgrade them to look better)

New Blog Pavilion on JokaydiaGRID

Blog Pavilion 1, originally uploaded by – Azzura –.

The newest community tool on JokaydiaGRID is our Blog Pavilion. Where each person that lives on JGrid has a spot to display their blog and link to it. This lets everyone see what the members of the grid are working on and maybe get a few new ideas from following each other.

Drop by and take a peek!