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Adventures Back into Second Life

I popped back into SL about 5 weeks ago after being gone for years. Not sure what got me to log in – but I did. Bought a new skin that I had a demo of sitting in my inventory from a year ago, and enticed Jokay to pop in with me and grab a new look for herself too. While we were there, I saw an unusually tall girl walk by and I, being my shy, anti-social self, sent her message saying that she looked rather good for her height, as many avatars I have seen in the past just looked so wrong. We chatted a bit and have kept in contact ever since. Her name is Sera and she is a fashion model in SL and doing quite well. (more…)

Gaming Update

Just a recap of the past few months and my opinions now of the games that I reviewed.

I’m still playing League Of Legends just about every day. For playing the same map over and over, its still loads of fun. I have since gotten into actually PvPing with some people. PvP is much easier to handle if you are talking to a partner (usually my son) or your whole team is on skype. They have since increased the variety of bots that you can fight against and improved their AI which was a great thing, you are now matched against 5 random champions from a pool of 40 instead of 12. Also – people are under the impression that LOL is a PVP game only. This is far from the truth…you can play LOL purely against the computer with friends or strangers and have tons of fun without them calling you a noob. Its great to pop in and out of without trying to find someone your level or travel 20 minutes to meet up with them like other games.

MMO Review – Hellgate Global

Back in 2007 – a bunch of people from Blizzard started a company to make Hellgate: London. An Action Roleplaying game that you could play as single player or Multiplayer mode. It was very much like Diablo…but in a post-apocalyptic setting. I found it to be a nice change from the MMOs I was playing at the time and bought a copy for my son and I. We had fun with it for a month or two but lost interest to….something else. It was very fun though.

The game didn’t last all that long though due to the lack of players and the company (Flagship Studios) going bankrupt. It was sold and a company in Korea picked it up and released it as an MMO. Finally this year it was re-translated back to English and released in the US as free-to-play. It has changed slightly from its original design and expanded with more areas, quests, a cash shop and marketplace.

New Blog Pavilion on JokaydiaGRID

Blog Pavilion 1, originally uploaded by – Azzura –.

The newest community tool on JokaydiaGRID is our Blog Pavilion. Where each person that lives on JGrid has a spot to display their blog and link to it. This lets everyone see what the members of the grid are working on and maybe get a few new ideas from following each other.

Drop by and take a peek!


Where Did My Prims Go?!!?!

Were you ever in the middle of building something and you had everything just right and you go to move a few prims and POOOOF – they are gone? You look around and they are no where. You look in your lost & found and in your object inventory….Nothing! So you start over with that section that went bye-bye.

Chances are they aren’t really gone. They went to Prim Limbo – or basically, they took a trip to 0,0,0 on your Sim. Next time this happens to you, don’t start crying right away! Head on down to the South West corner of your Sim and aim your camera under the terrain. There you just may find what you are missing – plus a few other things you didn’t know you were missing!