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MMO Review – The Secret World

Better late than never! I have played TSW for about 2-3 months and have about 97% of the quests complete….SO I guess its fair to say I have a good feel for the game. If you look back a blog post or two – you will see me say this: “Also I have 2 games I am in closed beta testing for…One will be good….one I fear will fall on its face and not be what most were hoping for.” The game I feared wouldn’t fair well was The Secret World. I’m happy to say – I was WRONG.


Gaming Update for May 2012 – TERA

Yeah….I haven’t written anything here in a while huh? Well lets backtrack and see why.

TERA! I stopped Beta testing TERA, I did play some of Week #3 but It wasn’t sticking with me, and I wasn’t seeing anything that I disliked or that was broken being fixed. At that point I cancelled my pre-order. After release, I decided to buy it anyway. I was bored with all the other games I was not in the mood to play.

TERA – Beta week 2

Week 2 of TERA’s closed beta has come and gone. I didn’t notice much difference this time around. They added hi-res textures to the game but I already thought it looked good…the only thing that might have changed with the new textures is I noticed some lag this time around now and then.

TERA – Beta week 1

Feb 10, 2012 was the first closed beta event for TERA. A new Action Combat MMO coming out on May 1, 2012. I’ve been waiting a while for this one because of the difference in combat styles from most AAA MMO titles out there that use tab targeting, hotbars and crappy AI mob packs. Now remember this is BETA – so things will change so please don’t judge the game from my first thoughts. Prepare for a long post and lots of pictures!

Gaming Update

Just a recap of the past few months and my opinions now of the games that I reviewed.

I’m still playing League Of Legends just about every day. For playing the same map over and over, its still loads of fun. I have since gotten into actually PvPing with some people. PvP is much easier to handle if you are talking to a partner (usually my son) or your whole team is on skype. They have since increased the variety of bots that you can fight against and improved their AI which was a great thing, you are now matched against 5 random champions from a pool of 40 instead of 12. Also – people are under the impression that LOL is a PVP game only. This is far from the truth…you can play LOL purely against the computer with friends or strangers and have tons of fun without them calling you a noob. Its great to pop in and out of without trying to find someone your level or travel 20 minutes to meet up with them like other games.